canadian surf champion: Catherine Bruhwiler

Intrepid Heart Adventures partners with Canadian women's surfing icon, Catherine Bruhwiler

We are privileged to have Catherine Bruhwiler, Tofino Paddle Surf act as guide and instructor on our SUP and Surf adventures in Tofino, BC.

A long time resident of Tofino, BC, Catherine and her family epitomize the quintessential westcoast surfing pioneers!


OFF THE BEATEN PATH - PART-2/2 from on Vimeo.


Our Tofino SUP and Surf adventures are the perfect opportunity for everyone who has never even heard of stand up paddling, or anyone who has always dreamed of surfing but has believed they could never dare catch a wave!

Even if you are a beginner and have never tried, or an advanced enthusiast, we guarantee you will catch a wave and you will have fun!

Our 2 night, 3 day weekend adventures in Tofino are a perfect mini getaway to get your feet wet SUP'ing or surfing while immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Clayquot Sound.

Please contact us for upcoming weekend SUP/Surf dates this Spring and Summer 2016.

"This is an opportunity for us all to 'Stand Up For The Planet' and create a healthier World! There is no shortage of environmental, social, and economic challenges to choose from. Pick something you are passionate about, paddle for it, and turn your vision into reality! Join me at our event, or wherever you are in the World, and let's send a huge 'Wave of Change' around the Planet."

Bob Purdy