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The Intrepid Heart kicks off the season with a Pack Horse Trip in the South Chilcotin Mountains, exclusively for women over 40.

We partner with Chilcotin Holidays to offer an unparalleled authentic wilderness experience.

"An authentic encounter with nature, no matter how brief, has the potential to change a life. So whether you are a guest who will stay with us for five days or an intern who will train with us for five months, we work hard to harness all the opportunities that nature provides for enrichment, learning, and renewal. Our goal is to provide access to the pristine, rugged wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains without weakening the integrity of your encounter with nature. This is where we diverge from most wilderness outfitters: where other outfitters see challenges as something to be eliminated, we view challenges as opportunities to enhance your experience and your life.

By engaging in every aspect of the wilderness, from it's stunning beauty to its unpredictable challenges, you get to experience the very heart of nature. This kind of genuine wilderness experience is something that very few people get to do and something that our modern society is severely lacking. Chilcotin Holidays provides an environment that allows you to fully immerse yourself in super-natural surroundings, while safely moving beyond your perceived limitations and discovering untapped strengths.

As you explore the authentic wilderness around you, you will discover uncharted potential within. You will learn that you can attempt and achieve things that you never even dreamed were possible.

Pure nature. Real challenges. Genuine growth. That's what makes for a truly authentic wilderness experience. That's what Chilcotin Holidays is all about."


Lady in Green, writer and composer Sid Marty Arrangement David Wilkie, Cowboy Celtic.

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We focus neither upon success, nor failure. We focus upon getting ourselves out of our comfort zone, and getting ourselves outside.

Stay tuned for more adventure ....