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chilcotin pack horse trip

a women's journey into the wild

a true reverence for nature


We partner with Chilcotin Holidays to provide you with a life altering experience in the true spirit of the west.

"At Chilcotin Holidays, we value:

  • Long-term stewardship of the land over short-sighted goals
  • Learning, growth, and personal development over perfection
  • Authentic, life-changing wilderness experiences over common, predictable tours

As we strive to live out these core values in every facet of our company, we also draw upon some basic tenets, which have been inspired by and proven in true wilderness.

Nature is meant to be experienced, not viewed from a distance

To really understand and connect with nature, you can't view it from afar or keep it at arm's length. You have to be part of it. That's why invite our guests to participate throughout every step of their wilderness experience. We believe that this kind of active, engaged approach is what ultimately brings you closer to the very heart of nature.

To dilute nature is to diminish it.

We believe the true majesty of the wilderness is not found in the isolation of its qualities but in the fullness of its identity. That's why we focus creating authentic wilderness experiences that deliver real nature in real ways. We do this by removing barriers between you and nature, and refusing to diminish the things that make the wilderness truly wild. That means there will be dirt and unpredictable conditions. And while these qualities of nature require greater effort and character than the scenic mountaintop views, we wouldn't dare remove these traits. We have too much respect for the wilderness and the change it inspires to erase even the smallest detail."

is this trip for you

At Intrepid Heart Adventures we are committed to designing adventures that are as accessible and achievable as possible for all participants, regardless of age or physical limitations.

On our pack horse trip we ride into the mountains on trusty and resilient Mountain Cayuse horses. Although these amazing horses are truly hardy and tireless, out of consideration and respect for their endurance, we do place a weight restriction of 180lbs on all participants.

Please give consideration to your readiness to participate on this trip which may require mounting and dismounting your horse on uneven terrain, leading your horse up or down steep slopes, as well as being in the saddle up to 4 or 5 hours a day.

On this adventure you may also find yourself sleeping in cabins, tents, or on the ground under the stars.

If you identify any limitations which may impact your ability to successfully participate in this trip, please consider joining one of our other adventures.



Day 1: Depart Victoria/Vancouver 9:00am. Arrive Chilcotin Holidays 5:00pm

Day 2: Orientation 8:00am Depart for Camp 12:00pm Arrive Camp 5:00pm

Day 3: Day Ride Return to Camp

Day 4: Return to Ranch

Day 5: Depart for Victoria/Vancouver

what to bring

At Intrepid Heart Adventures we emphasize a return to an authentic experience within the ever changing conditions that nature delivers.

Prepare for any weather and leave your fashion accessories behind. Immerse yourself into a true western experience.

Suggested clothing and gear:

  • Practical clothing. Expect to get dirty!
  • Western hat, with brim
  • Bandana for dust
  • Toque and/or headband. To keep your head warm at night
  • Jeans or comfortable riding pants
  • Gloves for riding
  • Sleeping bag. It can get quite cold at night, so rated to -10C is recommended
  • Rain pants and jacket. No ponchos
  • Rubber boots. Should be mid-calf height
  • Practical footwear. Hiking or work boots are fine, you want good ankle support
  • Personal toiletries. Biodegradable soaps and shampoo are required for use at camps
  • Empty pillow case. To make a pillow of your jacket at camp
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Flashlight /Headlamp
  • Water bottle. No more than 650ml
  • Extra batteries for any equipment you bring that takes them

Rates and availability

Our Chilcotin Packhorse Trip, a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to the true heart of the west, is offered at an all inclusive price of $2,700 CAD.

Included in the 5 day package;

  • Transportation to and from Victoria/Vancouver BC to the ranch at Gun Creek BC
  • All meals and tent accommodations
  • All guide fees and horse rentals, inclusive of pre- packhorse trip instruction

Participants limited to 6 persons per trip.


Trip Dates:

Trip One: August 21st - August 25th, 2017

Future Trips: TBA

For further information, or to book your adventure please contact: